Cerbera, last model built, UK factory-issued picture card, issued in 08/2006

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€ 3,50

The Last Cerbera

2006 - TVR held an online auction for what it billed as "The Last Cerbera". TVR's owner and chairman at that time, Nikolai Smolenski brought the design out of retirement for one more unit as an homage to the "beautiful but brutish bygone British sports car." The "last Cerbera" was a 4.5 LW right-hand drive car in Pepper white with Prussian blue leather interior trim. The auction failed to meet its reserve price but TVR still decided to sell the car to the high bidder. The final bid was under £45,000 to which 5% plus 17.5% VAT would be added making it approx £55,500.

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