Dutch b&w cards


This page shows a selection of duplicate black & white Dutch photocards with cars, which also appear in my publication about the subject. This is a 56 page A4-size soft cover book, which lists all postcards of this type known to date.

There are about 300 car(d) pictures in this book dating from 1958 to 1965 by three different Dutch publishers: Bureau Autopress, De Muinck & Co and Gebr. Spanjersberg. This book is still for sale (100 copies were printed) and it is offered for an amount of € 7,95 excl. postage. If you want I can also sign it and/or write something in it for you as I am the author. It's written in Dutch but it has an English summary and the pictures are the most important part of the publication anyway. You can order it on the "books" page.


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