IMPORTANT: you can now apply a filter on items that are not available any more. Please use this and give me feedback on how this works for you!

This pages sums up which new and old items have been added to the various pages in the last few months.

  • have added many duplicate car brochures of a variety of car makes. All new old stock (n.o.s.) and related to the following makes:
    Ford, Honda, Jaguar, Hyundai, Kia (were recently added).

    In case you are interested in these makes just have a look and take your pick. Many items are of the 1970s and 1980s and therefore hard to find elsewhere and certainly against these prices.
    I also have added some recent items from brands that still issue new brochures.
    That number is decreasing all the time and therefore you and me are trying to fill gaps from the past.
    I also have thousands of original factory-issued press photos.

I welcome collectors who offere their duplicates for sale in exchange for items they find in my shop.
In that case send me an e-mail and then we can work out a deal.

Thanks for your visit and continued support for this hobby.

Leon Zijlmans




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