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To comply with the new legislation to protect the privacy of the users and customers of this webshop that becomes effective in May 2018 we herewith provide you the following information:

a. Identity of the webshop owner:
webshop: Cars on paper, owned by L. Zijlmans, Donauring 161, 5152 TE Drunen, mobile phone number 0031 6 5264 9802, As this is a private shop which is just operated for hobby purposes there is no official registration number with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

b. 'Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens':
this is the Dutch authority who protects the privacy of users and customers of this webshop. This organization can be contacted to file an official complaint by the visitor of this webshop by going to their website:

c. Type of personal data:
in the process of collecting data for executing your order of items from my webshop only the minimum of what is necessary is stored: name, address and country of the buyer and chosen means of payment. To communicate with the buyer about the order status also the e-mail address is stored. In case a different and cheaper transportation method (like an international parcel service) is used also the phone number of the buyer is required and stored.
d. Purpose of storing the personal data:
apart from the data needed to execute and deliver your order we also keep some personal data that is needed to send you a regular newsletter. You must sign up explicitly to receive this newsletter and if you want to opt out you can always sign off again for any future delivery of this newsletter by yourself.

e. Use of cookies:
a cookie is a small text file that is sent to your computer when you visit a website. Both this website and other parties can place cookies.
This website uses cookies to improve the user experience and the performance of the website. With the use of cookies we make sure that you do not receive or have to enter the same information over again when visiting our website. Cookies facilitate the pleasant surfing on this site.
There are different types of cookies. This website uses both permanent cookies and session cookies.

I. Permanent cookies: these make sure the website is set up according to your preferences. For instance to remember your consent to place cookies. In this way you do not have to repeat your preferences so you save time and navigate more easily through the website. Permanent cookies can be removed by the settings of your browser.
II. Session cookies: these make sure we can trace which parts of the website you have visited this time. We can then adapt and optimize our website based on the surfing behavior of our visitors. These cookies are automatically removed when you close your browser.

This website places cookies for the following reasons:
1. Shopping cart (functional cookie): remember which products are in your shopping cart. Without this cookie you cannot order any items or place them in your shopping cart.
2. Cookie choice (functional cookie): remember your consent in us placing cookies.
3. Google Analytics (tracking cookie): measure how you use the website and how you found us and help analyzing this with the use of specific reports.

Mostly cookies can be managed, adapted and removed via your browser. More information on the functioning and/or removal of cookies can be found in the instructions and/or with the use of the Help-function of your browser.

We only use cookies when you agree on their use by confirming on the website. The number of cookies used is reduced to the bare minimum to ensure a correct execution of your order and reporting aggregate (non-personalized) data on the order level over time.

f. Storage period of personal data:
we only store the data of your orders for the time that the fiscal authorities might ask for them. This is currently a period of 7 years from the order date. However as this webshop is a hobby activity I intend to delete all data after 2 years from your latest order. When you enter a new order after this period you must provide the necessary personal data to execute your new order once again.

g. Third parties involved:
the operator of this webshop is “”. Data that is entered when placing an order or sending a message to the webshop is stored on the servers of this operator Mijnwebwinkel. Mijnwebwinkel will ensure a security level that fits the data to be processed and takes adequate measures to protect data against loss and/or any form of illegal processing. For instance a secure SSL-connection is used as standard.
Besides data is shared with Google for the use of Google Analytics and with Paypal when this mode of payment is chosen.

h. Right to see the data stored of a user:
the user of the webshop can request to be informed about which data are or have been stored of this person and/or make a request to change or delete this information.
In such case the person can contact the owner of the webshop by e-mail ( to request an overview of this data in readable form. Such a request is handled within 2 weeks from its receipt unless there are circumstances that make this impossible like a computer crash, longer than 2 weeks’ stay in a foreign country without a internet connection or the unability due to illness to operate the shop. In such a case the request is handled as soon as the prohibitive situation is alleviated.

LZ/May 2018/version 1.


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